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Delaware City Fire Co.
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Delaware City, DE 19706

Phone: 302-834-9336
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Latest News

Ladder and Ambulance Assist Middletown Residential Structure Fire
Tue, Feb 14, 2017

Station 15 was alerted for a Ladder Assist Middletown on Residential Structure Fire in 4600 Block Summit Bridge Road. 278 arrived on scene with fire showing. A-15 was dispatched afterwards for a BLS Standby at the fire scene.

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Last 12 Months
February '16 32 August '16 66 February '16 120 August '16 159
March '16 62 September '16 63 March '16 145 September '16 108
April '16 56 October '16 36 April '16 116 October '16 118
May '16 53 November '16 61 May '16 115 November '16 115
June '16 57 December '16 46 June '16 109 December '16 98
July '16 53 January '17 59 July '16 149 January '17 96
Last 12 Months Total Fire: 644 Last 12 Months Total EMS: 1448
2017 187 2016 654 2015 550
2017 344 2016 1498 2015 1463

Recent News

Tue, Feb 14, 2017

MVC on the Roth Bridge

Delaware City and Odessa Fire Companies were dispatched for a report of an MVC on RTE 1 SB on the Roth Bridge. A15 arrived with one SUV over the guardrail with one patient. Patient was treated by A15 and NCC Medics and flown to Christiana Trauma Center by DSP Helicopter. Port Penn Fire Company also assisted with the scene. Crews operated on scene for about 30 minutes.

Sat, Feb 11, 2017

Community CPR Training Day

The EMS Office and EMS Staff held a Community CPR Training Day in our Memorial Hall. At least 50 community members attended the hands on Bystander CPR Training. Member of the Fire Company manned various stations in which the public was taught both Infant / Adult CPR, Choking Events and was shown how the Lucas Device works. We are looking to hopefully make this an Annual Event. Thank you to all the members who helped make this day a success.

In an emergency, firefighters must often gain access to your secure building or home in a timely manor. The KNOX-BOX® from the Knox Company is a system to provide the fire department access while eliminating damage.
Wed Feb, 22 2017 @ 23:22
Medical Emergency
Delaware City
Wed Feb, 22 2017 @ 20:25
Structure Fire
Hickory Woods
515 Ponderosa Dr Bear, DE 19701
Wed Feb, 22 2017 @ 13:57
Medical Emergency
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