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Delaware City Fire Co.
815 5th Street
P.O. Box 251
Delaware City, DE 19706

Phone: 302-834-9336
Fax: 302-834-9126

Passing of Chief Engineer Emeritus Bob Neel
August 28, 2015 - The Delaware City Fire Company is saddened to announce the passing of Chief Engineer Emeritus Bob Neel

Fire Boat 15 Training and Informational Video Links
Here are a few of the products that will be installed on the new boat. Please take a moment to look over the topics and watch a few of these videos. Click on the underlined text "Video Links" and the PDF will open in a separate window. The links will then be active.

NCCVFA 7th Annual 5K Fire Run / Walk
NCCVFA 7th Annual 5K Fire Run / Walk

Delaware City Fire Company Memorial Brick Pavers
Delaware City Fire Company Memorial Brick Pavers

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August '14 44 February '15 50 August '14 122 February '15 111
September '14 44 March '15 43 September '14 98 March '15 107
October '14 32 April '15 41 October '14 111 April '15 131
November '14 42 May '15 48 November '14 82 May '15 156
December '14 48 June '15 61 December '14 136 June '15 129
January '15 38 July '15 33 January '15 100 July '15 91
Last 12 Months Total Fire: 524 Last 12 Months Total EMS: 1374
2015 404 2014 562 2013 504
2015 1043 2014 1290 2013 1506
NCC HACSR Team ResponseServices for Chief Engineer Emeritus Ed BennettPassing of Chief Engineer Emeritus Edward N. "Punk" Bennett Jr.

Photo By: Dave Hall
In an emergency, firefighters must often gain access to your secure building or home in a timely manor. The KNOX-BOX® from the Knox Company is a system to provide the fire department access while eliminating damage.
Problem: Water Rescue - Coastal water
Location:Delaware River@Battery Park - The Strand / Delaware St - The Strand - Just South Of Battery Park
Address:Delaware River and Battery Park Middletown, DE 19709
Problem: Medical Emergency
City:Delaware City
Problem: Medical Emergency
City:New Castle
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